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The Parking Club has redefined parking in New York. You can now enjoy the ever-increasing value of ownership paired with unmatched levels of service and convenience, removing the anxiety and trouble of owning a car in the city. The Parking Club is a state of the art, secure indoor facility that is professionally staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enjoy a number a newly added owner services such as electric vehicle charging, car washes, annual inspections and more. Located Just off of Atlantic Ave, and 4 blocks from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, The Parking Club could not be more conveniently located. When you’re ready to collect your car at the garage, just text and we'll have it waiting and ready the moment you arrive. Need a refreshment before you hit the road? Our owner’s lounge is stocked with complimentary water and coffee. Say goodby to stresses of owning a car in the city and hello to The Parking Club, the home your car deserves.


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